Gabriella trained as a Set & Costume designer and worked continuously in Opera, Theatre and Dance enjoying the collaborative process and the ephemeral nature of the work. 


She enjoys the medium of acrylic for the speed and energy it requires. 


Inspiration comes from a variety of sources, including  travel, cosmology and music.


Her canvases show a fluid combining of colour to create depths into which the onlooker is plunged.   she loves the connection individuals have to her work bringing their unique emotional and cerebral reactions to it,  thereby re-interpreting and enhancing the original concept.  there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, the piece becomes/ belongs to the person looking at it. 


Some canvases however, show a nuance, or nod to ‘Realisms’ mostly with a philosophical comment or idea in mind,  still with the intent of open re-interpretations, engendering discussion and debate.

She has exhibited at the V&A, London; the RWCMD, Cardiff;  Switzerland;  France and in many London galleries;with Solo shows at The Foundry Gallery and the Lacey Contemporary Gallery, London.

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