The word Godai comes from the Japanese Buddhist name for the five elements: water, fire, wind, earth and ether.


The  Gallery came about from an Exhibition called 'Moments' with Elements 5 - hence the name Godai -  at the Framers Gallery in November, 2015.  This was an exhibition showing the works of a Group of five female British Artists.


Since then the Group has developed and grown helped largely by Silke Lohmann who encouraged the Group enormously.


The Artists represented by the Godai Gallery come from very varied backgrounds and cultures, creating a wonderfully eclectic range of works.  This we believe enhances not only the Gallery but is inspiration for all.  

The differences enriching the universal.  

Commonly held emotions and values bind us, as well as creating the possibility of collaboration and creation between the disciplines.  

We do not charge commission.   

Any purchase made through this site is direct with the Artist.

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